MantisX – 10 million shots analyzed in 2018 already!

MantisX  –  10 million shots analyzed in 2018 already!

MantisX is a shooting coaching system that provides real-time feedback to shooters so they can improve their shooting mechanics.

The MantisX uses a combination of a small, precision motion-sensing device that attaches to your gun, and sophisticated software that installs on your phone or tablet, and it analyzes the slightest shooter movements, and then sends the data, via Bluetooth, to the free MantisX app for instant analysis. The software then makes suggestions as to things the shooter can adjust within his or her shooting mechanics in order to improve their accuracy. The app is compatible with smartphones and tablets in both iOS and Android systems supporting Bluetooth 4.0.

MantisX can be used with Dry Fire, Live Fire, and with Airsoft. The MantisX smart sensor is battery operated and is rechargeable with the included micro-USB charging cable.


The real power is in the software. There are several different screen outputs that show the shooter’s movements before the shot, during the shot, and between shots. There are screens for training exercises, screens for shot-by-shot analysis, and there are screens that provide suggestions to improve trigger squeeze, hold, and more. The app also provides instructional videos to give you a visual reference of how these improvements can be made. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

MantisX is being used by some of the top competitive shooters in the world, as well as law enforcement agencies and military personnel, including the US Special Forces.

The MantisX software has analyzed over 10 million shots made by our customers in 2018, and the software shows a definite trend: MantisX shooters are improving their accuracy!

shooting coaching systemMantisX…Shoot, Analyze, Improve. Price is $149.

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