Mark Steck Trapper Interview

Mark Steck Trapper Interview

Tell us about who you are:
I am Mark Steck with Dakotaline Snares was established in 2001, is based out of Lennox, South Dakota and primarily focuses on snares and trapping supplies. We sell snares, books, videos, traps and a multitude of items related to trapping.

How did you first get into trapping and who influenced you?

I  got into trapping when I was 14 years old.  My best friend Herm came from a trapping and hunting family, and our first trapping experience together resulted in six muskrats from the local city dump, from this point on I became very passionate about trapping. When I was 15, I met an old mink trapper named Pat and became good friends with him. He was 50 years older than me almost to the day. Trapping shaped my future in a significant way.

Tell us about your most memorable set?

The first fox I caught was a huge thrill mainly because I learned the hard way…I was 17 and no one would give you information back then, the trapping fraternity was very secretive. I had a friend with me and I could see the trapped fox on the other side of a fence line, I finally had cracked a wild canine!  The next 40 years I have pursued fox and coyotes in Minnesota and the Dakota’s. Due to these travels, I’ve skinned 1000’s of critters along old roads, inside abandoned barns, and in old groves. I’ve seen many sunsets while peeling the fur. I’ve skinned in the headlights of my vehicle or the lamp on my head.

Why is a replaceable-blade knife superior to a “conventional” knife?

Most outdoorsmen are prideful and don’t admit that their sharpening skills are ineffective. I put myself into this group and the result is “fighting the knife.”  The scalpel on a Wiebe knife is as sharp as you can get and it’s like starting with a brand new knife…when the blade dulls you replace it. Whether skinning fur or capping an elk the job will be much easier (and more fun) with a knife that is truly sharp.

How best can I keep my knife clean after the season?

Clean it with soap and water and store it in a dry place.

What is the best way to keep my knives sharp?
A Wiebe scalpel blade can do an entire elk hide if you avoid hitting bones, tendons and cutting through hair. This applies to any knife. Once you get the hang of avoiding these you will get the optimum workload from your blades

Fixed-blade vs. folding knife?

The fixed blade is made for use in the fur shed. The folding blades can be used in the field or the shed.

How do I properly cape my trophy in the field for the taxidermist?

The Wiebe wicked sharp knives will make skinning a breeze. In particular, the precision around the face is far more attainable with sharp knives. We suggest you look online for detailed instruction on how to prepare your trophy for the taxidermist. Without a doubt, the sharper than sharp Wiebe blades will make your job easy and enjoyable.