McMillan® Adds In-House Videos to Social Media Channels

McMillan® Adds In-House Videos to Social Media Channels

Presentations detail upcoming MC3 stocks and “behind-the-scenes” factory action

Phoenix, AZ – McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks, the industry leader in precision-driven custom stocks for hunting, competition, and LE/military applications has recently released videos across their social media platforms that provide insight into an exciting new product that will soon hit the market, as well as a deep look into the McMillan production facility, where America’s premier rifle stocks are custom-made for the hunting, competition, and tactical shooters.

On the McMillanUSA YouTube channel, company President and owner Kelly McMillan provides an in-depth discussion of the all-new MC3 “McCubed” stock. The MC3 is a next-generation high-performance rifle stock that combines McMillan’s proven A5 stock design with a molded proprietary polymer to create a stock that is solid (unlike other polymer stocks on the market) and weighs the same as the A5 fiberglass stock. Compared to other polymer rifle stocks, the MC3 is stronger, stiffer, exhibits less shrinkage, and is significantly more durable. Watch here as Kelly McMillan explains the design and construction principles behind this revolutionary new precision stock system.

For those who appreciate ultra-light rifle platforms, McMillan offers several ultra-light hunting and benchrest stocks made with graphite, including Hunters EDGE and EDGE Tech stocks. In this video, Kelly shows how McMillan lays graphite cloth in molds to begin the ultra-light stock build process.

Finally, manufacturing multiple custom stocks for everyone from tactical shooters and long-range competitors to serious hunters is a highly orchestrated endeavor. To ensure the quickest possible turn-around time and lowest cost to the consumer, organization and timing are everything. Kelly offers a tour through the McMillan mill room in this video and explains what it takes to complete stock inletting and send finished stocks out the door and to the customer.

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McMillan Fiberglass stocks manufactures custom rifle stocks and accessories. Product areas include Tactical, Competition, Benchrest, Hunting & Sport, and Ultralight. Customers include shooters, military, law enforcement, government agencies, custom gunsmiths, and OEM rifle manufacturers.