McMillan® New Adjustable A6 Added to Tactical A-Series Line

New Fore End Profile Enhances Multiple Shooting Styles

Phoenix, AZ – McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks—manufacturer of the most widely issued tactical stocks in the world—introduces the new Adjustable A6 stock to the A-series line of precision rifle stocks. This new rifle stock is based off the popular A-5 with three exceptions – flat sides on the fore arm for shooting off barricades, a tapered butthook, and no texture on the fore end and pistol grip.

Blending design elements from the tactical A-series and McMillan’s Benchrest series stocks, the Adjustable A6 boasts a more angular fore end profile intended to maximize stability. The flat fore end bottom, for example, is optimized for shooting over barricades and preventing “stock roll” while the angled sides are ideally suited for use with most tripod mounting systems. A swell-palmed grip provides a comfortable hold for both large and small hand shooters. Also featured is the buttstock hook which enables users to maneuver the rifle with the non-shooting hand, a flat butt stock bottom that supports rear stability and an integral adjustable cheek piece for the perfect cheek weld.

The Adjustable A6 comes with three inlet options: flat top (no inlet), basic inlet (action outline and barrel channel), and full inlet (action and barrel inlet, molded-in color, cheekpiece is extra). As with all McMillan stocks, customers can choose from a wide selection of colors, finishes, and customizable accessories.

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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks manufactures custom rifle stocks and accessories. Product areas include Tactical, Competition, Benchrest, Hunting & Sport, and Ultralight. Customers include shooters, military, law enforcement, government agencies, custom gunsmiths, and OEM rifle manufacturers.