Meet Marcus: Leupold® and Randy Newberg Launch New Initiative to Raise Public Land Awareness

Meet Marcus: Leupold® and Randy Newberg Launch New Initiative to Raise Public Land Awareness

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold & Stevens, Inc. is working with long-time partner and dedicated backcountry hunter, Randy Newberg, to provide a unique look at public land hunting opportunities in 2018 through the eyes of Randy’s new hunting partner, Marcus the llama.

Sharing a first name with Marcus Leupold – son of legendary co-founder Fred Leupold and the man who famously threw aside a riflescope that failed him and vowed to build something better more than 70 years ago – the llama will serve as Newberg’s lead pack animal on public land hunts throughout the western portion of the United States this fall.

Provided by Beau and Kristin Baty of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, Marcus comes from a herd of Ccara Pack llamas. Ccara’s are representative of the traditional llama breed, and make for excellent pack animals, thanks to their athleticism, strength and trainability.

“I had the opportunity to borrow llamas from Beau earlier this year,” said Newberg. “I was impressed with how much weight they could carry, and how low-maintenance they are – horses are great pack animals, but the smaller body of a llama means they eat and drink much less in comparison. They’re an easier companion to care for, and you lose none of the benefits of a larger-bodied pack animal.”

Llamas carry the majority of their body weight on their front legs, and their feet have leather pads and a split toe – traits that make them excellent in the rough terrain often found in the backcountry.

Marcus is all set to join Randy on several public land hunting trips – and fans will be able to follow their journey on Leupold’s various digital platforms. More information will be available soon, after Randy draws his fall 2018 hunting tags.

“I love sharing my public land hunting experiences with the world,” said Newberg. “There are so many great resources out there for hunters and anglers to enjoy – I’m hoping to help further that message with a little help from Marcus and hopefully introduce a few new folks to the joys of our public lands.”

Randy Newberg will be discussing his upcoming adventures with Marcus the llama in a future Leupold Core Insider podcast. He can be found online at and
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