Meopta TGA 75 Collapsible Spotting Scope Wins 2018 Guns and Shooting Online Optics Award

Meopta TGA 75 Collapsible Spotting Scope Wins 2018 Guns and Shooting Online Optics Award

TAMPA, FL, October 30, 2018 – Meopta’s TGA 75 Collapsible Spotting Scope has been selected as winner of the Guns and Shooting Online 2018 Scope and Optics Award. Engineered for hunters who pack into remote areas, the classic draw-tube design of this rugged TGA 75 spotting scope allows the length to be shortened from 14.8 inches when fully extended to 9.8 inches when collapsed, making it easier to carry in challenging terrain.

After testing numerous optics throughout the year, the Guns and Shooting Online staff had this to say about the Meopta TGA 75:

The draw-tube slides smoothly in and out, but with sufficient friction that it is unlikely to be moved inadvertently. When the draw tube is fully extended in the viewing position, there is no play. To achieve this requires not only excellent design, but also precision manufacturing and exacting quality control.

The Meopta TGA 75 is a high quality, optically excellent spotting scope….

The TGA 75 offers some unique advantages in its price class, particularly its fine optics, excellent engineering/manufacturing and draw-tube design. Other significant features include its magnesium alloy main tube, exceptionally rugged rubber-armored body, interchangeable oculars and excellent front and rear protective caps.

“We are honored to be recognized by Guns and Shooting Online for the quality of our TGA 75 Collapsible Spotting Scope and appreciate the time they took to test it,” said Randy Garrison, Director of Meopta USA Sport Optics. “Hunters who demand lightweight, compact optics with superior optical performance have embraced this packable spotter, and we will continue to deliver high-quality European optics at appealing price points to meet a wide array of needs in the field.”

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