Missouri Conservation Funding Remains Intact Thanks to Hunters

Missouri Conservation Funding Remains Intact  Thanks to Hunters

ATHENS, GA (June 25, 2019) – QDMA commends its members and other hunting and fishing enthusiasts in Missouri for successfully opposing HJR 18, a resolution that would have required ballot approval every six years for the state’s Conservation Sales Tax to be renewed. In a win for wildlife, the resolution failed through lack of action by the time Missouri’s legislative session ended.

“Missouri has the gold standard for wildlife funding in the United States,” said QDMA Conservation Director Kip Adams. “The current conservation tax was supported by the majority of Missourians, and it allows all citizens to pay for wildlife management programs in the state. This is a model system and one that is envied by sportsmen and women throughout the country and by nearly every other state wildlife agency.”

Had the resolution been adopted, and if Missouri’s Conservation Sales Tax failed to achieve ballot approval, conservation funding would be drastically reduced. This would have impacted budgets for management of public lands and waters, wildlife management programs, and more. Approximately 133,000 jobs depend on outdoor recreation in Missouri, and there is a $14.9 billion outdoor economy in the state.

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