Modern Huntsman Redefines the Hunting Narrative with Volume Three, Wildlife Management

Modern Huntsman Redefines the Hunting Narrative with Volume Three, Wildlife Management

The Third Installment of the Premium Biannual Publication Discusses Nuanced and Controversial Wildlife Management Topics from Around the World.

June 18th, 2019 – Dallas, Texas — Modern Huntsman is proud to announce the much-anticipated release of Volume Three, Wildlife Management. Now shipping worldwide, Volume Three opens discussions into some of the most controversial and debated topics within wildlife management and conservation practices. Available through both subscription and single order, the 272 pages of Volume Three aim to educate hunters and non-hunters alike on hunting’s role as a tool to achieve conservation and ecological goals.

Volume Three initiates discussions which address often hot-button issues in wildlife management practices around the world. These stories include perspectives on the merits and challenges of allowing grizzly bear populations within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to be harvested by hunters, an area of roughly 18 million acres that includes parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. The magazine also examines the ecological impact of constructing a wall along the length of the Rio Grande that separates the United States and Mexico, identifying its effect on habitat fragmentation, public land access and wildlife migration patterns.

Through the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Tyler Sharp, the support of International Editor Byron Pace, Ecology Editor Charles Post, and Conservation Advisor Simon Roosevelt, Volume Three features a renowned cast of storytellers with deep knowledge in their subjects of discussion. Modern Huntsman has also tapped Donnie Vincent, a world-renowned hunter, explorer and storyteller as Guest Editor. Contributing storytellers include Chris Burkard, Ben Masters, Becca Skinner, Jason Matzinger, Max Lowe, Josh “Bones” Murphy and many more.

“We’re really excited to release Volume Three, as it’s a much deeper dive into an array of controversial topics than we’ve done in the previous two issues,” states Sharp. “It seems like there aren’t a lot of constructive conversations around these issues, so we’re hoping that these thoughtful, diverse global perspectives will bring about some positive discussion.”

At the cost of $35, Modern Huntsman is a premium coffee table magazine printed on FSC-certified recycled paper with vegetable-based ink at Redcar Media in Los Angeles, California.

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