Multi-Tool Survival Bracelet for Risk-Taking Adventure Dads

Survival Bracelet™ – Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter has all the survival basics

When you spend time in the outdoors, no matter what your hobby, you know that anything can go wrong at any time. Being prepared for the worst makes it easier to enjoy a hike, camping trip, weekend of hunting or fishing, or day on the water in a boat. The Survival Bracelet™ – Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter can help Dad be prepared for emergency survival with a simple multi-tool wearable. The military-grade paracord bracelet can be unwound and used to fix broken gear or treat an injury, while a built-in emergency whistle and first starter can be used to signal for help and create a campfire.

The whistle and Firestarter are incorporated into the black nylon side release buckle of the bracelet. Designed to be easy to use even if injured, the whistle just requires raising your wrist and blowing to alert others around you that help is needed. The safety whistle is a great signaling device to have on you when in the outdoors. If you are lost, you want to make as much noise as possible, so people can find you. Remove the bracelet from your wrist to use the rod and striker to start a fire in an emergency for warmth, cooking or as a signal beacon.

The Survival Bracelet™ – Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter is constructed from several feet of super strong, authentic, 550 test military spec paracord. This is not the same paracord you see sold in most stores. This is the same cordage used to rig military parachutes. It is the real deal. In an emergency, unravel the bracelet to deploy the paracord for your use. Make a tourniquet. Tie down a piece of equipment. Use it in however you need it.

Available in custom sizes, the Survival Bracelet™ – Whistle Buckle & Fire Starter is just $32.99. It can be woven using three colors or as a solid color. There are over 45 colors to choose from and endless possible color combinations. For more information and ordering, visit

About Survival Straps

Founder Kurt Walchle started Survival Straps®, makers of the Survival Bracelet™, in 2006 at his kitchen table. Today, Survival Straps® has grown to include many employees and continues to hand make every product in the U.S.A. with the finest care and craftsmanship. Survival Straps® is an avid supporter of our men and women in uniform with dedicated bracelet lines for EMS, law enforcement, all branches of the military and many veteran’s service organizations. To date the company has raised and donated over $1,000,000 to these veterans’ service charities. This is a great little American company that not only makes cool products, but is socially responsible in trying to help America’s Warriors and First Responders. For more information visit