Musician Dave Brinker receives 2% Business Certification

Musician Dave Brinker receives 2% Business Certification

Dave Brinker earns the first professional musician 2% Certification.

He’s been a staunch supporter of ours since before we even filed for non-profit status. Known throughout the hunting community for his time at 2% Founding Member Sitka Gear and for sharing his musical talents at industry conventions, shows and gatherings – Dave Brinker has now received the first 2% Business Certification for a musician.

“My dad and grandfather instilled in me a great respect for conservation and stewardship growing up in Western Oregon. Thanks to their mentorship I’ve spent my entire life exploring wild places around the world with my bow in hand, and the last decade supporting conservation organizations through my career in the hunting industry. I’m proud to have my business, Made Out West LLC as a member of Two Percent for Conservation and appreciate everything they do.” – Dave Brinker

Beyond sharing his music, Brinker also consults for various outdoor brands and causes from the wealth of knowledge and experience gained over a long career in the outdoor industry

All of Dave Brinker’s music, including this single “Country Road”, is available on iTunes:

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