MyOutdoors Launches Dedicated Platform for Hunters and Anglers to Share Their Experiences

BATON ROUGE, La. – The extra time in people’s schedules created by the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 allowed a growing number of men and women to get outside and for some, to develop or rediscover a love for the outdoors. Hunting and fishing license sales soared, products flew off sporting goods retailers’ shelves and outdoor memories were made. For one Baton Rouge, La., sportsman, the idle time, was not only spent hunting and fishing, but it was also dedicated to creating a service to allow both veteran and new sportsmen and women to capture and share their experiences in a welcoming mobile app environment. That environment is MyOutdoors.

Now available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play for both iPhones and Androids, the mobile app is a digital social media platform dedicated solely to those with a passion for the outdoors—hunting and fishing to be specific. There, users can post photos, videos, stories and even classified ads when selling or seeking items or services. They can also create group chats for those with similar interests as well as promote upcoming events. Businesses that cater to outdoor consumers can also create accounts to share their news and even post retail items for sale for free. They can also buy advertising space in which to promote their products and services.

With other social media platforms limiting or even blocking posts made by hunters, anglers or gun enthusiasts, MyOutdoors users never have to worry about cancel culture or the anti-culture having a say in how and what they share with relation to their pursuits.

“I wanted to create a community where outdoorsmen, like myself, could share pictures, videos, experiences, events and create groups that share their interests,” says Pete Dickinson, who created MyOutdoors. “The best memories of my life are those I’ve made while hunting or fishing with my father and friends. That is something I want to share with everybody, and I want everyone with those same experiences to have a place where they can do the same. That is the real mission of MyOutdoors.”

Dickinson, a lifelong outdoorsman, conceived the idea at the height of the pandemic when he was stuck home dreaming of future trips and remembering past ones. He enjoyed looking at pictures of other people’s adventures and hearing their stories and thought how it would be great to provide an easy-to-use, easily accessible social media platform dedicated specifically to do just that for the outdoor audience.

MyOutdoors conducted a soft launch of its app to a small group of users in May and then officially debuted at the recent ICAST trade show in Orlando in July. With the summer adventure season in full swing and the first hunting seasons of fall already opening, MyOutdoors anticipates rapid adoption of their free app as more outdoor memories are made and deserving to be shared.

About MyOutdoors: It’s simple. Founder Pete Dickinson’s greatest memories growing up were going hunting and fishing with his father. He knew many outdoors people felt similarly about their experiences in the woods and on the water. So, he wanted to create a platform where they could share their love for the outdoors. It’s the goal of MyOutdoors to provide this place for hunters and anglers to share their stories, memories and outdoor adventures and that in sharing, it will continue to grow a passion for the outdoors for generations to come. The MyOutdoors app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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