MyOutdoorTV’s Original Series and MOTV Pick of the Week – “The 29” Explores One of Hunting’s Most “Sacred Numbers”

Just Like Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey Fans Revere Milestone Numbers,

Hunters Do the Same As MOTV Original Series “The 29 presented by Pelican” Explains Beginning on August 29

DENVER (August 27, 2018) – As “sacred” as .406, 511, 56 and other numbers are in baseball; 17-0 in football; Wilt Chamberlain’s 27.2 rebounds per game (1960-61) in basketball and Wayne Gretzky’s 2,857 career points in hockey; hunting has a venerable number too…29.

Outdoor Sportsman Group’s MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) will explore – with its original series The 29 presented by Pelican – hunting’s most revered number as the exclusive, subscriber-based, streaming app delves into why the number 29 is held in such high esteem and why legendary hunter and fisherman Joe Thomas has his sights set on it.

MOTV’s The 29 probes into Thomas’s “mission” to hunt and harvest all 29 North American big game animals and how he did it. The original series includes 10 episodes of Thomas’s outdoor “Super Slam®” and explains how a regular guy used his love of the outdoors to build a successful pro angling career and then through television start to build credibility as an archery hunter.

“Hunting all 29 wasn’t the original purpose of what we did but it was always in the background as a remote possibility,” admitted Thomas. “As more opportunities came our way for big game hunts, achieving the 29 started to become real and the driving purpose behind most of the hunts we tried to do for television and now, MOTV. That’s what this story is all about.”

The series spans more than 20 years of filming and how, through hard work and several lucky breaks, Thomas was able to actually fulfill this lifelong dream.

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