NAP Announces the Dark Knight 125 Broadhead

NAP Announces the Dark Knight 125 Broadhead

Featuring Aluminum Construction and Hybrid Blade Design

 Grand Prairie, TX – NAP® (New Archery Products), the industry leader in broadheads and archery accessories, introduces the vanguard model of the all-new Dark Knight broadhead series. The Dark Knight Aluminum 125 hybrid broadhead combines the guaranteed cutting width of a fixed-blade head with the pinpoint shooting precision of a mechanical, while delivering pass-through performance to rival either of these designs.

The Dark Knight Aluminum 125 begins with a durable one-piece aluminum ferrule and a sharp, ultra-penetrating steel tip. The body’s unitized profile is designed for smooth, uninterrupted penetration through tough hide and bone.

Incorporated into the aluminum ferrule is a three-blade, two-stage deploying blade system that has no rivals in the marketplace. The main blade configuration is of a hybrid design. The exquisitely sharp stainless-steel blade to ensure a maximum 1 3/8-inch wide cutting diameter as they pass through an animal. The truly significant advantage of this design, however, is the locked blades’ ability to pivot in the ferrule. When the locked blades encounter bone, for example, they pivot away from the obstruction, rather than skip or deflect like conventional broadheads, and then re-center once passed the bone. This action allows the arrow to maintain a straight flight path and provides the greatest potential for pass-through shots. Combined with the exceptionally large 1 1/8-inch bleeder blade cutting diameter, the Dark Knight Aluminum 125 carves a devastating wound channel through any big-game species.

The bleeder blades use the NAP Spitfire blade retention system to ensure open-on-impact performance regardless of the force or angle. No rubber bands or O-rings are required. This system keeps the blades secure even when launched from today’s highest-speed crossbows and vertical bows, and the streamlined contours and precision balance delivers accurate, field-point-like flight characteristics regardless of arrow velocity.

Dark Knight Aluminum 125 Specs:

  • 125 grain
  • Two-stage deploying mechanical action
  • 1 3/8-inch main blade cutting diameter
  • 1 1/8-inch bleeder blade cutting diameter
  • Pivoting and locking main blades
  • Material: aluminum ferrule/steel tip
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel main and bleeder blades
  • Spitfire spring clip retention technology
  • Compatible with all high-energy crossbows and vertical bows
  • MSRP: $39.99 / 3-pack

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