National Match Competitor: CJ Everhardt

“I cannot possibly win the contest for the most visits to Camp Perry, but I can say that I could definitely win the contest for least visits, namely one” says CJ Everhardt, 70, of Metairie, Louisiana.

It was 1969, the first year the U.S. Army had suspended their full support of the National Matches. I attended with my friend and fellow LSU (Louisiana State University) Rifle teammate, Heber “Butch” Norckauer, Distinguished Riflemen Badge #656. We slept on Army cots in our assigned two-person P.O.W hut, ate in the old mess hall (which I read is no longer standing) and took turns at ‘pulling’ targets downrange. It was a special time for me, shooting both smallbore (with my brand new Anschutz rifle) and highpower (with M-14s, ‘on loan’ from our State Guard Armory).

I’m now retired and still occasionally visit the range, but no longer for competition. I still dream of another trip to Camp Perry, even if it’s only as a visitor.”

— Submitted by CJ Everhardt III, COL (USA Retired)

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About the National Matches: The annual National Matches has welcomed rifle and pistol competitors of all ages from around the country and the world since 1903. Moving to its current home at the Camp Perry National Guard Training Facility in Ohio in 1907, thousands of guests travel to the event each July and August to take part in the several competitive, educational and purchasing opportunities offered­ on the grounds. 

Attending the National Matches has become a tradition that has moved through the generations, with some returning year after year, without fail. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), the entity that has helped facilitate the National Matches since 1996, has compiled a list of recognition of those who have attended the event for 20, 30 or even 50 years. These individuals have spent decades of their lives devoted to marksmanship, celebrating its legacy each summer on the shores of Lake Erie, and we at the CMP thank them for their unwavering support.

It’s time to determine some bragging rights! We’d like to recognize those individuals who have attended the most National Matches at Camp Perry. Tell us – when was your first year? How many years have you attended? Do you know of anyone else who you think could qualify? Those who we find have earned the “Most/Longest Attended” title will be highlighted in an upcoming CMP article. Let us show you off! You’ve earned it – comment below or email (And we love old photos too!)

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