National Shooting Sports Foundation Set to Help Preserve, Protect and Promote USA Shooting as Gold-Level Sponsor

National Shooting Sports Foundation Set to Help Preserve, Protect and Promote USA Shooting as Gold-Level Sponsor

NSSF to Become Major Event Sponsor at National Sporting Clay Cup Fundraiser at Fork Farm & Childress Vineyards

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (July 3, 2018) – USA Shooting and The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms industry, have formalized a gold-level partnership agreement that will help America’s Shooting Team achieve their 2020 vision. This partnership includes top status as a major event sponsor for USA Shooting’s National Sporting Clay Cup Fundraiser later this summer.

NSSF becomes the third gold-level sponsor signed by USA Shooting since April, as companies are aligning to declare shooting as their Olympic and Paralympic sport in 2018. Federal Ammunition became a new sponsor in April while White Flyer was renewed just last week. SKB Cases and Podium also signed on as bronze-level sponsors as well in recent months.

NSSF is a longtime supporter of USA Shooting, and the two organizations have partnered together on many campaigns and projects over the years, including NSSF’s First Shots introduction-to-shooting program and NSSF’s Project ChildSafe program to promote firearm safety in the home. Following successes at each of the past three Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2008, 2012 and 2016, NSSF sponsored full-page advertisements in USA Today to congratulate America’s Shooting Team athletes.

In August, USA Shooting will heavily promote National Shooting Sports Month, which celebrates the passion USA Shooting Team members and fans all have for target shooting and a pastime that provides a lifetime of enjoyment that can be shared with families and friends. At the same time, National Shooting Sports Month reminds the public that shooting is a safe, fun activity enjoyed by millions of Americans. National Shooting Sports Month provides an excellent opportunity for increased shooting sports participation through fun events and activities held at ranges and retail stores across the country.

“NSSF has long recognized that USA Shooting athletes are outstanding ambassadors for recreational shooting and firearms safety, reminding the public that the shooting sports have something to offer for everyone—a core message of National Shooting Sports Month,” said Chris Dolnack, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of NSSF. “NSSF is proud to continue its support for all that USA Shooting stands for by being a gold-level sponsor of its National Sporting Clay Cup Fundraiser.”

“USA Shooting has a strong tradition of excellence, and proudly represents the shooting industry every time they train and compete for their Olympic and Paralympic dreams,” said Keith Enlow, CEO of USA Shooting. “The NSSFs contributions to our upcoming fundraiser will help create the type of momentum we need to raise the money we need to embrace the tremendous competitive challenges that are ahead of us as Tokyo 2020 nears.

“We very much appreciate the NSSF’s willingness to once again step up and help make a difference for our athletes in need,” Enlow added. “USA Shooting relies heavily on industry support to get our athletes prepared to represent America on the world stage and get athletes to the podium.”

With Tokyo in Sight, USA Shooting’s National Sporting Clays Cup fundraiser will lure shooting sport enthusiasts to North Carolina on August 30 in support the USA Shooting Team as they head toward the 2018 World Championships and the upcoming 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. As the only non-government supported shooting team in the world, USA Shooting relies heavily on donors and sponsors to help maintain a history of success that includes 110 Olympic medals.

Join USA Shooting, the NSSF and many other top shooting sport industry executives in celebration of America’s athletes and National Shooting Sports Month. It’s the can’t miss fundraiser of the summer featuring a fun Sporting Clays shoot and VIP dinner at the exclusive Childress Vineyard. Click here for more info.

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