Kerrville, TX (May 9, 2018) – Webster defines a hero as a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability, like a person or thing admired for achievements and noble qualities.

The Hero blind is admired for its noble qualities that help hunters achieve their dreams and goals. The blinds are legendary for their appearance, comfort, and ability to disappear into natural habitats.

Nature Blinds put careful thought and consideration into the engineering of the Hero blind. Each unit is self-contained to keep hunters warm and dry. However, these blinds offer much more than meets the eye, including fully locking doors to help protect your investment.

The Hero is designed to be artistically attractive to hunters but is simply part of the habitat as far as the deer are concerned. The weathered old tree-trunk look is the perfect hide from the watchful eye of turkey, deer, predators, or anything else you want to hunt at eye level. The Hero blends into its environment without setting off alarm bells with wildlife. The appearance is so natural that deer and other game don’t give them a second glance.

Besides being extremely comfortable, with the ability to seat a couple of hunters, the blinds help contain human odor. Until a window is opened, hunters reside in a chambered atmosphere, leaving them out of sight and smell. With carpeted floors, there is little noise that transmits from the blind. Nestled inside a Hero, you remain undetected on a deer’s radar, including sight, sound, and smell, giving hunters the upper hand.

Nature Blinds prides itself on manufacturing durable, lightweight, superior quality products, right in Texas. Discover the all-encompassing advantages of a Hero blind to make yourself a successful hunter of mythical proportions.

Product Features:
MSRP $3,995.00

  • Exterior Height 87″
  • Exterior Dimensions 84″
  • Interior Height 84″
  • Interior Dimensions 64×60″
  • Weight 350 lbs

If you already embrace the benefits of hunting out of a blind, the Hero will take your experience to the next level. Nature Blinds offers comfort to hunters, while taking away game’s ability to see, smell, or hear you.

Nature Blind: Creating innovative replicas of nature
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Nature Blinds makes ultra-realistic HD hunting blinds, sheds and water tanks from its location in Kerrville, Texas. Their unique manufacturing approach combines stunning artistic designs, state-of-the-art materials and processes, old-fashioned American Craftsmanship and Christian values.

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