NDA Continues Virtual Meetings to Discuss Chronic Wasting Disease Management in Pennsylvania

NDA Continues Virtual Meetings to Discuss Chronic Wasting Disease Management in Pennsylvania

The National Deer Association (NDA) continues hosting a series of virtual public meetings supported by the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) to discuss Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the state. During each meeting, NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto is joined by representatives from the PGC and other experts in the field to discuss the latest plans on how and why to combat CWD in Pennsylvania and across the country. Three meetings remain and are set to cover the Northwest region, Southeast region and the Southcentral region. If participants missed the meeting for their respective region, they are still encouraged to join, as valuable information is covered that can be applied not only statewide, but to surrounding states as well. Links to previous meetings are also available below.

CWD is currently the most significant threat to the future of healthy deer populations, deer hunting and the hunting industry. It is quickly becoming the biggest challenge to broad wildlife conservation that sportsmen and wildlife managers have encountered over the last century. First detected in Pennsylvania in 2012, CWD has continued to spread across the Commonwealth, including several positive deer being found in new areas this year. Data suggests that if no changes in CWD management are made, parts of Pennsylvania could eventually reach a 30 percent prevalence rate.

“These meetings have given us the ability to deliver the latest information on CWD to one of the largest, most passionate deer hunting bases in the United States,” said Pinizzotto. “We’ve assembled a great lineup of experts for Pennsylvania residents to learn from, talk to and be available for all questions and comments. We hope to continue seeing a lot of attendees and encourage people not to miss out on this valuable information.”

Event Information

Speakers include:

Nick Pinizzotto – President and CEO, NDA

PGC Representative – Regional Representative

Bryan Richards – Emerging Disease Coordinator, National Wildlife Health Center

Kip Adams – Chief Conservation Officer, NDA

Andrea Korman – Chronic Wasting Disease Coordinator, PGC

Three remaining meetings will be held over the next two consecutive weeks, rounding out one for each PGC region. Each webinar lasts roughly two hours, with 80 minutes of presentations and 40 minutes of Q&A. Attendees MUST preregister using the following links:

Southwest Region – Watch Here

Northcentral Region – Watch Here

Northeast Region – Watch Here

Northwest Region – May 13, 2021: Register Here

Southeast Region – May 17, 2021: Register Here

Southcentral Region – May 18, 2021: Register Here

For information on the boundaries of each region, and for additional information regarding the PGC, please visit: pgc.pa.gov.

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