New and Improved Website, Same Great Products from Firminator!

Milner, GA (February 16, 2021) If you own one, you already know the Firminator is the most rugged, versatile and reliable food plot implement on earth. It’s the only planting implement you need for all your food plot projects, from breaking ground to planting, fertilizing and cultipacking. 


* 3″ heavy wall square tube frame

* 18″ 9 gauge disk harrow blades on 6″ centers

* True agricultural grade cast iron cultipacker

* 18″ heavy-duty center ripper


* Professional grade food plot implement

* Plants seeds of all sizes

* Great for erosion control plantings

* Forestry roads, pastures and CRP


* 99% customer satisfaction

* Precision seeding system

* Durable powder-coat finish

* One implement to till, plant and cultipack

If you’re not familiar with the Firminator, or want to learn more about the full line of implements from Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment, the process just got easier and more enjoyable with a new, improved website.

Just as the 3-foot Firminator ATV Model is easier to navigate in tight spaces, the new website makes it easier for you to navigate your way through descriptions of, and applications for, each of Ranew’s great food plot products.

Seeing is believing, and the new eye-appealing content, including actual photos and videos of the various Firminator models in real field conditions, will make you a believer in the ease and efficacy of operation.

But you don’t have to believe us. Testimonials from well-known professionals in food plotting like Bobby Cole from Mossy Oak Biologic, Jackie Bushman from Buckmasters and Chuck Sykes from The Management Advantage explain the many advantages of various Firminator models.

Have a question? There’s an FAQ page with answers to many of the more commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you can easily navigate to the contact page where you can message Ranew’s directly, email or call them. Visit their new site at