New Apparel Company Makes Everything from Recycled Materials and Donates to Reduce Pollution

Sustainable clothing brand makes everything from 100% recycled materials and donates the proceeds to help reduce pollution around the world.

DENVER, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the apparel industry becoming the second largest polluter in the world, more sustainable clothing brands seem to be launching every day. But very few of them produce everything from 100% recycled materials, and almost none of them invest in nonprofits to help reduce pollution and clean the planet. Foreland apparel just might be the only clothing company in the world who does both.

“We wanted our environmental efforts to be 100% in all aspects” says Co-founder Danielle Gainan, “every Foreland product is made completely from 100% recycled materials including our clothing, accessories, hang tags, stickers, packaging and even our shipping labels.”

Not only is everything made strictly from recycled materials, but Foreland’s production process doesn’t require new petroleum. Which allows the company to use up to 90% less water, 75% less carbon and 70% less energy than the standard apparel industry.

To take it a step further, they then donate a portion of all their proceeds back to nonprofits who focus on saving the planet from pollution. Since they’ve launched, Foreland has already donated to nonprofit organizations including The Ocean CleanupThe Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Friends of the Earth

“We also wanted to make it simple for anyone to be a good humanitarian and do their part to help the planet from pollution” says Danielle, “so each and every customer’s purchase gives back to nonprofits who help clean the planet and reduce pollution around the world.”

Foreland considers themselves an outdoor lifestyle brand and offers both men’s and women’s environmentally conscious apparel. Additionally, Foreland hosts contests to encourage their customers to explore the outdoors, including their current contest, in which they’re giving away two free U.S. National Parks annual passes. With every purchase from Foreland’s online store, customers are automatically entered for a chance to win this giveaway.

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