New Deadline™ Broadhead by Bloodsport® Debuted at ATA

New Deadline™ Broadhead by Bloodsport® Debuted at ATA

Finally, a Mechanical Broadhead Designed Specifically for Crossbow Hunters

Tarpon Springs, FL (January 11, 2019) – Ever since the craze for crossbow hunting began accelerating, arrow and broadhead companies have struggled to keep up with the advancements of today’s crossbows. Each year, crossbow manufacturers push the limits of performance to increase arrow speed and kinetic energy. Designs changed, boundaries were crossed, and imaginations were stretched. Soon, several crossbow companies saw and flew right past the 400 feet-per-second mark.

Engineers and developers at Bloodsport were given the challenge to build a broadhead that could withstand the torque and energy of elite crossbows. Once again, they have answered the call by introducing the Deadline™ Broadhead, a mechanical broadhead that can withstand the speeds of today’s high-performance crossbows.

Specifically designed for handling speeds up to 500 feet-per-second, the all-new Deadline™ features a 100 grain, chisel-tip ferrule made from 7075 aluminum. Two large, mechanical 420 stainless-steel blades carry a 2-inch cutting diameter and are held together without the aid of o-rings or rubber bands. Achieving near field point accuracy, the Deadline™ has less drag in flight so it holds its speed and energy down range. It also requires less force to open compared to other popular crossbow broadheads.

The Deadline™ broadhead employs delayed-opening, expandable blades that enter before deployment and slice through organs and tissue with minimum drag on the arrow. On impact, the blades open with minimal energy loss to carve a two-inch wide entrance hole for a swift, clean kill. Finally, a mechanical broadhead that will never fail and always fly with field-point accuracy at high speeds.

ATA attendees can learn more about Bloodsport’s Deadline™ Broadhead at the Plano Synergy booth #2705.

Deadline™ Broadhead Features

  • Designed specifically for high-speed crossbows
  • 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum chisel-tip ferrule
  • 100 Grain
  • 2″ cutting diameter mechanical blades
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • Guaranteed to cut no matter what
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • Sold in 3-Packs
  • MSRP: $49.99

At Bloodsport, we are committed to building the most accurate arrows in the world. While other companies count success by the number of shafts shipped out the door, we count ours one arrow at a time. After all, nothing is more important than the arrow you are about to shoot on your next hunt. All of our arrows are hand sorted and graded so that you truly get what you pay for. Great care is taken to ensure that all of our components are matched perfectly with each shaft. While the extra steps we take certainly cost us more than the other guys’ mass production method, the end result is that a dozen of our arrows look the same, weigh the same, and fly the same. If we wouldn’t shoot them ourselves they don’t make it to the store. We make sure you can pull Bloodsport arrows out of the box and aim with confidence. Once you shoot our arrows we think you will agree that the extra effort is worth it. At Bloodsport, we aren’t trying to be like the other arrow manufacturers, we are working hard to be your arrow company.

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