New for 2021: Ameristep’s Multipurpose Blind Hub Support – Shooting Stick is an Asset in the Field

Hunting blinds are an essential part of most hunters’ arsenals. However, nothing is more disappointing than to slip into your favorite spot, only to find your blind broken or damaged due to a heavy blanket of snow or ice. The Ameristep® Blind Hub Support/Shooting Stick provides critical structural support, protecting blinds from excessive strain and damage due to rain, snow, ice, or heavy wind. Now hunters can easily protect their investment and avoid disappointment with the Ameristep Blind Hub Support/Shooting Stick.

Simple to deploy, the pole’s v-shaped yoke conforms to the top center roof location virtually any hub-style ground blind models. An adjustable strap and buckle lock the yoke in place, creating essential support that keeps your blind damage-free during periods of rough weather. The pole’s base is outfitted with a hiking-pole foot that does not sink into soft ground, and the aluminum construction keeps it light and strong to prevent breakage.

Hunters should consider having an Ameristep Blind Hub Support/Shooting Stick for every one of their binds. Not only will their blinds be protected, the hunter will also have a shooting stick ready at each hunting location. Now you don’t have to worry about packing a shooting stick, you will have one waiting for you at your blind.

Once in the blind, simply remove the hub support pole and it becomes the perfect shooting stick. The v-shaped yoke creates a quick and stable rest for rifle and crossbow shooters. The twist-lock, adjustment design only requires seconds to change the height and provides a rock-solid rest. Once finished with the hunt, simply extend the hub support back to the roof and leave your blind with peace of mind.

Hunters wanting to reduce and streamline gear in the field can save on weight and clutter with this 2-in-1 essential tool.

Blind Hub Support/Shooting Stick Features:

  • Dual function blind hub support/shooting stick
  • Fits securely with any hub style ground blind
  • Gun or crossbow support
  • Twist lock adjustment
  • Extends from 32 to 72 inches
  • Durable lightweight aluminum design
  • Quiet TPR finish
  • MSRP: $24.99

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