NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 11, 2019) — According to a recent survey* on hearing protection, 86% of hunters do not use any type of hearing protection while hunting. By the time they realize they should, it’s often too late. TETRA™, a new player in the outdoor industry, is here to change those statistics, from comfortable protection when waterfowl hunting or shooting on the range, to targeted enhancement of an elk’s bugle or a wild turkey’s gobble. 

TETRA founders Bill Dickinson, Au.D., and David Gnewikow, Ph.D., combined their 50 years in the hearing-care industry and 80 years of hunting experience to provide outdoors men and women with innovative hearing products like TETRA’s new AlphaShield and AmpPods.

Specifically designed for waterfowl hunters and sporting clay target enthusiasts to cancel out loud, harmful sounds, while enhancing the sound environment for communication, game detection, calling and localization. 

MSRP: $699-$999
Custom Molding Available: $1,099-$1,499

Perfect for maximizing your hearing when trying to locate wild turkey, elk and deer. This product is designed to enhance detection and localization of the specific animal you’re hunting.

MSRP: $699-$999

“As hunters, we tend to not wear hearing protection because we want our hunting experience to sound natural,” said Gnewikow. “Too many hunters and outdoorsmen only wear hearing protection on the range – if that– and not out in the field. We started TETRA to introduce premium hearing technology and advanced concepts from hearing science to the hunting industry.”

Dickinson and Gnewikow developed TETRA’s patent-pending Specialized Target Optimization™ (STO), the world’s first proprietary algorithm designed to optimize hearing for hunters in their specific hunting environments.

“STO doesn’t just amplify all sounds,” said Dickinson. “It targets the most important sounds that make the hunt enjoyable and successful. Each device is programmed for the specific situation you’ll use it in. This technology makes calling natural, enhances voices, targets the most important frequencies while decreasing unwanted noise when big game hunting, and reduces harmful sound levels.”

TETRA’s goal is to change the industry’s attitudes and behaviors around the need to protect our ears from all the things we do that damage our hearing. TETRA isn’t just joining the hearing protection category, they’re redefining it. 

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