The Optimizer Tetra is the Most Advanced Adjustable Single-Pin Bow Sight on the Market

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – Single-pin bow sight technology leader HHA™ Sports is excited to announce that the latest advancement in the award-winning Optimizer single pin bow sights, the Optimizer Tetra, is now available. The Tetra combines increased adjustability with cutting-edge sight technology, making it the most advanced moveable pin sight for archers.

HHA Sports’ new Optimizer Tetra has a full 2.1-inches of vertical travel with the Integrated SP-50 Infinite-Adjust Bracket, allowing for infinite adjustability to the scope housing. This allows the shooter to dial in the bow to extreme levels of accuracy as well as get the most range out of the preprinted yardage tapes. The Optimizer Tetra Sight’s full-brass gearing with a rack and pinion gear wheel, allows the shooter to make easy and smooth elevation adjustments. This set-up makes for unmatched durability, too. The all-new windage adjustment allows for major and micro adjustments to the sight. Second and third axis adjustments are integrated into the Tetra for the archer striving for perfection and accuracy.

Like all other HHA sights, the Optimizer Tetra utilizes the company’s patented R.D.S. (Range. Dial. Shoot.) Technology. Once you’re dialed in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re on target – to the yard – out to 100 yards. Dial the bow in and find the corresponding preprinted yardage tape, and you’re on target at any distance. It really is that simple. HHA Sports updated the yardage wheel to a Ninja-Star Wheel design for easier operation no matter what the conditions are.

The Optimizer Tetra has tool-free adjustability. Like other HHA Sports Sights before it, this gives the Tetra the massive amount of adjustment and accuracy to be done without the need for wrenches or other tools.

The Optimizer Tetra sight is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. The mounting bracket is a straight frame, hunter-style set up that fits all bows. The sight pin, available in .019 and .10 sizes, is protected by HHA Sports’ A.R.M.O.R. Pin technology that completely protects the pin from the harshest conditions with a CNC-machined aluminum guard. You can go afield with the confidence that no matter how tough the conditions are, the Tetra will remain as true as it was when you left the range. The adjustable rheostat feature on the scope housing controls the amount of fiber optic wrap exposed to light to ensure your pin is bright and viewed as clean and clear as possible regardless of the time of day.

The HHA Sports Optimizer Tetra accepts HHA Lens Kits and well as the 2500 Burst Light. It is available with a 1-5/8-, or a 2-inch scope housing. It has an MSRP of $249.99. Each Optimizer Tetra sight carries a 100-percent lifetime warranty and is Made in the U.S.A.

About HHA Sports
For more than 30 years, HHA Sports has been the leader in single pin technology producing superior sights and accessories for archers. With a passion for the outdoors, the company’s development team has created a line of products rich with exclusive features – from its patented R.D.S. technology to its A.R.M.O.R. Pin Technology – that set the brand apart from all others. With an eye firmly fixed on detail, HHA Sports is committed to creating the most highly functional gear. Products are all Made in the USA and backed with a 100 percent lifetime warranty. All this means whether you are scaling some of the world’s toughest terrain on a hunt, or shooting for gold in a championship round; you can always expect the very best, most accurate shooting from HHA Sports. For more information about HHA Sports, visit: