Mechanicsburg, Ohio – For hunters who thrive on a bolder brew, Hemisphere Coffee Roasters™ is proud to add a single cup brewing option to its Hunter’s Blend menu of dark roasted specialty coffee created by hunters for hunters. Introducing Hunter’s Blend™ Black Powder Roast Single Cup Pods. Available in a convenient box of 12, simply pop a new Black Powder Roast pod into your single-cup brewer, and you’re just minutes away from enjoying the brand’s latest in-house roasted coffee blend.  

“As fellow hunters, we understand that options are important when choosing coffee that’ll fuel a full day of hunting, which is why we’re excited to further expand our Hunter’s Blend line to now offer our new Black Powder Roast in convenient single serving pods,” said Paul Kurtz, Owner of Hemisphere Coffee Roasters.  

Hunter’s Blend green coffee beans are roasted and packaged in small batches to ensure freshness in the company’s roasting facility located in Mechanicsburg, Ohio.  This carefully crafted roasting process, along with the quality of the beans sourced are key reasons Hunter’s Blend is a top coffee choice among hunters. The new Black Powder roast is fused with some of the finest Central American and East Asian beans available.  In fact, Hunter’s Blend only roasts green coffee sourced directly from coffee bean farmers and has cultivated unique relationships with growers in these regions.  This direct-trade business model not only ensures the highest quality cup of coffee for hunters, but also greatly impacts the sustainability of these hard-working communities.

Being a hunter-friendly brand is also a core part of the Hunter’s Blend business model. “Many coffee importers support lobbyists who work against our hunting lifestyle and Second Amendment Rights. We are passionate about creating coffee with purpose and our ongoing mission to ‘Defend hunting one cup at a time.’ It’s only fitting that our newest blend have a ‘one cup at a time’ brewing option,” added Kurtz.

The new Hunter’s Blend Black Powder single serving pods work with standard Keurig® single serving coffee makers, and come in a box of 12 for a retail price of $10.50. It’s also available in a 12oz. Whole Bean bag, and a 12oz. Ground bag ready for drip brewers ($13.50 MSRP each).

About Hemisphere Coffee Roasters
Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is passionate about creating good coffee and doing some good in the process of creating it.  This is why the company operates a direct-trade business model, which means it only works directly with growers from the best producing locations in the world like Kenya, Indonesia, Peru and Nicaragua, where every bean is hand picked by the hard-working people of its community. In fact, twenty-five million families derive their major living from the production of coffee and Hemisphere’s Coffee Roasters is dedicated to helping as many as possible.  This dedication has thrived for more than 15 years, and because of the company’s impactful business model, they have witnessed hundreds of jobs created and people lifted out of poverty.

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