NEW Rite in the Rain® Flat Dark Earth All-Weather Pen

NEW Rite in the Rain® Flat Dark Earth All-Weather Pen

Write when it’s cold. Write when it’s wet. Write when you’re upside down. Write in space. Write in Antarctica. No matter where on Earth you find yourself, our All-Weather Pen will just plain write.

A patented pressurized cartridge keeps ink flowing smoothly, even in extreme conditions. Our pens write between -30F and 250F, and they work independent of gravity for writing at odd angles. The pen puts down a consistent 0.9mm line of black ink no matter the conditions. A strong clip will cling firmly to your pocket so it won’t escape from you in the field when you need it most.

What’s written with our pen will stay put thanks to our archival-grade, weatherproof ink. Even a subsequent soaking won’t lift our ink from the page. The acid-free chemistry of the ink won’t fade over time, so your notes will last a lifetime.

The Rite in the Rain Storm Flat Dark Earth Pen
No. FDE97 -All-Weather Pen, Black Ink – $15.95 MSRP

About Rite in the Rain
Founded more than a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest, Rite in the Rain began by developing sheets of paper hand-dipped with a special coating to create a unique moisture shield for use in the logging industry. Made in the USA since 1916,
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products circulate around the world in the hands of outdoor professionals working in poor weather. For more information about Rite in the Rain, visit: