Easton announces 19 O.D. outdoor target, 3D, and field arrow.

Easton has announced the high-velocity SuperDrive 19—a new carbon arrow ideal for 3D, field, and outdoor target competition.  SuperDrive’s speed is derived from Easton’s made-in-USA super light carbon material.  That means SuperDrive 19 arrows weigh as little as 7.0 grains-per-inch offering renown Easton accuracy to archers seeking higher speeds for their competition setup.

The SuperDrive 19 line has an adjustable stainless-steel point system available to allow customization to point weights from 90 to 200 grains using the interchangeable weight system. The SuperDrive 19 is available in three spines covering sizes suitable for most compound and recurve bow setups. SuperDrive 19 joins the SuperDrive 23, 25, and 27 shafts to round out the full line of Easton large OD carbon target shafts.

SuperDrive 19 features:

  • Light-mass, all-carbon construction
  • Three spines suitable for most compound and recurve setups:
    • 330 – 8.4 GPI
    • 380 –  7.8 GPI
    • 460 – 7.0 GPI
  • Straightness ±.002
  • Ideal for outdoor, field, and 3D competition
  • 90-200 grain adjustable steel point system with interchangeable weight modules
  • Bushings or pin nocks
  • Available starting in January 2020
  • $181.99 MSRP per dozen