Dual-Disc Configuration Maximizes Vibration and Noise Reduction

While many hunting bow stabilizer designs have become increasingly complex in the search for better anti-noise and vibration performance, the engineers at TRUGLO®, Inc. took a different approach when developing the all-new CADENCE™ stabilizer. The result is a stabilizer that presents a minimal profile while delivering maximum noise and vibration reduction and optimal balance for modern bow designs.

The heart of the CADENCE™ stabilizer resides in the dual vibration-dampening disc configuration. The discs, made of a high-energy-absorbing material, are placed in perpendicular alignment to effectively absorb vibrations. This special arrangement allows the dampening discs to work in unison and better cancel out a bow’s excess energy as it is transmitted through the stabilizer shaft—all in a lower-profile design that hunters and target shooters alike can appreciate. “Hunting bows used to produce a lot of noise and vibration, requiring bulky stabilization and dampening systems.” Said Pliny Gale, TRUGLO Marketing Manager. “As today’s bow designs are becoming more efficient, we are able to do the same with stabilizers—keep the weight and vibration dampening systems where they are most effective and reduce weight everywhere else, allowing for a trim design without excess bulk.”

As for bow stability, the CADENCE™ relies on a decidedly weight-forward balance to achieve this function–keeping weight where it is most effective and minimizing weight where it is not. Constructed of machined aluminum ends and a lightweight main tube for a total length of eight inches, the larger aluminum end containing the dampening discs provides the weight-forward bias needed to deliver a stable, more balanced shooting platform.

Designed to fit all bows, the CADENCE™ comes dressed in a black TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coat finish that further assists in noise reduction and eliminates unwanted glare in hunting conditions.

  • Black finish
  • 8″ length
  • 8.5 oz. weight
  • Universal stabilizer-mount compatible
  • Dual vibration-dampening discs
  • Lightweight main tube
  • Machined-aluminum ends
  • Weight-forward balance
  • TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating
  • Fits all bows
  • Item TG857B, MSRP: $35.99

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