New Wildgame Innovations Feeder is Built to Last

Set the table anywhere with Wildgame Innovations’ new highly portable Treehugger™ gravity feeder

Grand Prairie, TX (September 24, 2018) – Providing reliable sources of supplemental nutrition is an important component to overall deer management. For all their convenience and benefits, conventional feeders just aren’t that easy to relocate, and their designs can be a limiting factor that preclude use in areas with uneven terrain, soft ground or abundant vegetation.

The highly portable Treehugger™ feeder from Wildgame Innovations is a low-maintenance feeding solution that sets the dinner table for deer and other game all on its own. Employing durable and long-lasting PVC construction, the Treehugger™ attaches to any tree in less than two minutes. Simply loop the integrated strap around a tree trunk and secure it in place with the heavy-duty buckle. The Treehugger™ takes care of the rest, naturally replenishing feed as it’s consumed.

The Treehugger’s versatile gravity-feed design accommodates up to 80 pounds of a wide variety of feeds including corn, bran, protein pellets, powder attractants or a hunter’s own preferred combination. The carefully engineered, sturdy wire opening at the top makes loading the Treehugger an easy, one-person proposition. Once placed and filled, a weather-tight roll-top lid protects contents and keeps the elements at bay.

The Treehugger’s easy setup and lightweight, portable design make it the perfect feeding solution for hard-to-reach areas like backwoods and swamps that don’t have a lot of open space. This simple, affordable, streamlined feeder is also the ideal tool for testing potential feeding sites before committing the time and resources necessary to place a conventional feeder; move it as often as you like until you find just the right spot.

Wildgame Innovations Treehugger™ Feeder

  • Model # FG-00441
  • UPC # 8-50695-00441-4
  • Weight (empty): 10 lbs.
  • Durable gravity feeder replenishes feed as it is consumed
  • Long-lasting PVC construction
  • Lightweight design travels easily to new sites
  • Great for hard-to-reach areas like backwoods or swamps
  • Integrated strap with heavy-duty buckle for secure attachment
  • Weather-tight roll-top lid
  • Holds up to 80 lbs. of corn, bran, protein or mix
  • Fully operational in less than two minutes
  • MSRP: $24.99

Say no to the limitations that require you to feed deer only where it’s convenient. Start offering them supplemental nutrition in all the places they want it or need it with the versatile and affordable new Treehugger feeder from Wildgame Innovations. They’ll love the results, and so will you.

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