Nighthawk Custom Launches Their Innovative New Interchangeable Optic System

Nighthawk Custom Launches Their Innovative New Interchangeable Optic System

BERRYVILLE, AR, JAN 22, 2019 — Nighthawk Custom, manufacturer of “The World’s Finest 1911’s”, introduces the Interchangeable Optics System (IOS), a new cutting edge optic mounting system unlike anything the industry has seen to date.

“We are recognized for producing the finest quality 1911’s in the industry. When considering this new project, we knew nothing but a groundbreaking new optic system would suffice,” said Mark Stone, Owner and CEO at Nighthawk Custom. “This system is reliable, adaptable and seamlessly blends with the pistol.”

The Nighthawk Interchangeable Optics System delivers optical variations by not limiting the user to one fixed sight. The user is able to change from iron sights to red dot optics in less than 30 seconds. This process happens by simply loosening the set screw, pushing a pin out and sliding the plate off.

The slide has a tapered cut that returns the mount to the same spot each time you remount, maintaining zero. There are 3 different plate options, accommodating the Trijicon RMR, the Viper Vortex, and the RMSc Shield. The IOS ensures perfect alignment between the fixed sights, delivering a lower 1/3rd co-witness with the red dots. Additionally, this system allows for the user the ability to maintain a standard height front sight while running a red dot optic.

“The IOS is an incredible opportunity to seamlessly enhance the Nighthawk 1911’s. With minimal investment, you can add the IOS to any existing pistol, even if you have not yet made your red dot selection,” stated Nelson Davis COO. “Nighthawk Custom’s IOS will continue to expand and include new plates as future optics and optical solutions are developed within the industry. The ease and adaptability of this system allows users to alternate between the standard look and function of fixed front and rear sights or modern red dot optics.”

The MSRP on the Nighthawk Custom Integrated Optic System is $350.00 and includes the standard iron sight plate (IOS slide cut and standard round top plate) additional optic plates are $150.00 each.

For more details, visit or you can call a Nighthawk Custom Account Manager at 877-268-4867 to place your order today.

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