Nosler®, Inc. Announces New Color & Chamberings for Model 48 Mountain Carbon Rifle

Bend, Ore – January, 2021 – First introduced in 2019, The Nosler® M48 Mountain Carbon Ultra Lightweight Rifle is the latest addition to Nosler’s high-performance rifle line and is now available in a shale gray stock as well as the original granite green. The Mountain Carbon is comprised of premium, lightweight components offering hunters supreme performance in a six-pound platform.

Nosler’s M48 Mountain Carbon rifle is comprised of:

  • Blue Printed Nosler® Model 48 Action
  • Action and Bottom Metal Cerakoted Tungsten Gray
  • Timney™ Trigger with 2-Position Safety
  • 100% Carbon Fiber Mountain Hunter Stock in Granite Green or Shale Gray
  • 24” Proof Research Carbon Fiber-Wrapped Barrel
  • 5/8×24 Threaded Muzzle and Thread Protector
  • Glass and Aluminum Pillar Bedding
  • Hinged Floorplate
  • Guaranteed Sub M.O.A. Accuracy with Prescribed Nosler Ammunition

New Chamberings for 2021:

6.5 PRC

280 Ackley Improved

MSRP: $3235 For more information, please visit

About Nosler®

Founded in 1948, Nosler®, Incorporated is a family owned company located in Bend, Ore.  Nosler® is most known for revolutionizing the hunting bullet industry with bullets such as the Partition®, Ballistic Tip®, AccuBond®, E-Tip® and most recently the AccuBond® LR and RDF.  With the company motto of “Quality First,” Nosler® manufactures premium component bullets, reloading brass, ammunition and semi-custom rifles for domestic and international customers making Nosler® a comprehensive shooting products company. Nosler® products are used worldwide by discriminating hunters, shooters, military and law enforcement professionals and sportsmen.