NRA Introduces Modular CCW Course for Instructors and Students

NRA Introduces Modular CCW Course for Instructors and Students

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association is excited to announce the new NRA CCW Course for NRA Instructors, Training Counselors and their students. The National Rifle Association developed this course based on the feedback received from our Instructors and Training Counselors.

The NRA General Operations Division, in conjunction with the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, has developed a single, modular, course that is both universal and state requirement specific. This course complements existing NRA Training Courses.

Instructors will take a two-day training course with classroom and range components.  These Instructors will then be qualified to teach the new NRA CCW course in any state. 

Separated into 10 different modules, the NRA CCW Course for students is designed forfirst-time CCW applicants—from beginners and first-time gun owners to the experienced shooter. The student course will provide a unique experience and vary in length from one to 16 hours.  Instructors teach the modules necessary to meet their state requirements.  Students will leave the course with a certificate displaying the modules taken and qualifying them to apply for a CCW permit. 

The NRACCW Coursewith the help of thousands of Certified Instructors and Training Counselors,will provide our Instructors and Training Counselors additional curriculum to offer. The dedication of these trainers continues to make NRA the number one provider of firearms education and safety,” said Joe DeBergalis, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. 

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