NWTF applauds Gov. Whitmer’s veto of HB 4687

EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation applauds Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s, decision to veto House Bill 4687, a bill that sought to subvert the science-based process by which wildlife regulations are established in the state.

Michigan’s Natural Resources Commission, with recommendations from fisheries and wildlife professionals, sets regulations for the state’s many fish and wildlife species, including how many of a certain species and under what conditions each species may be harvested.

Had HB 4687 passed, establishment of regulations under Michigan Natural Resources Commission’s science-based protocol would have been circumvented, instead being set by the Michigan legislature.

In addition to the NWTF, wildlife and conservation organizations from around the country have praised Whitmer’s veto of HB 4687, reiterating the precedent that regulations concerning natural resources are set forth by state agencies under the best available scientific data.

“Sportsmen and women in Michigan are strong supporters of using sound-science to inform our natural resource regulations, and we support the authority of the Natural Resources Commission to regulate our wildlife and fisheries,” said Art Pelon, Michigan NWTF State Chapter president. “The process of the NRC includes considering input from the public along with reviewing the most current scientific data presented by the state’s wildlife and resource professionals. This is the best way to ensure that our natural resources are managed based on the best scientific information available and is not determined or influenced by outside pressures, which could set a very dangerous precedent for the management of our state’s natural resources.”

About the National Wild Turkey Federation

When the National Wild Turkey Federation was founded in 1973, there were about 1.3 million wild turkeys in North America. After decades of work, that number hit a historic high of almost 7 million turkeys. To succeed, the NWTF stood behind science-based conservation and hunters’ rights. The NWTF Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative is a charge that mobilizes science, fundraising and devoted volunteers to conserve enhance more than 4 million acres of essential wildlife habitat, recruit at least 1.5 million hunters and open access to 500,000 acres for hunting. For more information, visit NWTF.org.