Set to Launch a New E-commerce Site for Anglers

Omnia Fishing®, a new fishing gear e-commerce start-up, today announced that they’ve raised a round of funding to create a better experience for finding, organizing and purchasing fishing gear that helps anglers hit the water more prepared. The company, founded by a group of start-up veterans and fishing industry insiders, plans to launch to the public this October.

Omnia is working with some of fishing’s top brands to offer a new way for anglers to shop online. Omnia’s CEO Matt Johnson, a longtime angler himself, said, “The way we buy our gear is so intricately connected to our fishing preferences and location that no one has been able to build a scalable online solution that provides quality recommendations.”

Johnson is the founder and former CEO of Contour Innovations, another Minnesota based start-up that was acquired by Lowrance™ in 2014 after creating the automated mapping platform Insight Genesis™. He is joined by his co-founders Dan Wick, the technical co-founder and CTO of Red Stamp and Chris Morgal who’s held positions at Pure Fishing/Berkley, Northland Tackle and Navico/Lowrance.

Omnia was born from the premise that anglers rely on information specific to a water body, species, styles, season and other attributes of fishing strategy and geography. Anglers know this is complex and if one of the variables changes many of the gear needs to change. Stack that on top of the fact that fish become conditioned to baits and selecting the right gear is a large task. is the first retail experience that creates a custom selection that starts with water body attributes like clarity, depth, and other characteristics that create unique catching opportunities. The shift to e-commerce has been slower for fishing than other industries but that’s about to change with this Shop-By-Lake concept.

The process of shopping at Omnia begins with a lake selection. Each water body in the system has a normalized set of attributes like depth, species, water clarity and other related data. The Omnia algorithm relates a number of key water body attributes to product attributes in an algorithm of over 23,000 relationships. By building product recommendations into a mapping platform the algorithm continues to get smarter by lake. Using a one-click response where anglers can purchase the recommended products, indicate they already have purchased the products somewhere else for online tackle box organization, or reject the recommendation to refine their hyperpersonalized preferences. An online dashboard will organize a user’s private gear for organization by waterbody and show preparedness for destination lakes.

Omnia’s goal is not to crowdsource fishing locations and will instead focus on crowdsourcing preparedness with the right fishing gear. “We care about sending someone to the water more prepared and organized than ever before and providing the best shopping experience for fishing gear,” commented Matt Johnson.

Omnia will sell products from top brands in the fishing gear categories of hard baits, soft baits, jigs, rigs, line, terminal tackle, and rods and reels. At launch Omnia will carry approximately 5,000 products and will ship directly out of its warehouse in Minneapolis. The hyper-personalized experience will be free to use with an Amazon Prime™ like model where premium Omnia members will get free shipping with lower minimums, exclusive deals, and an annual account credit on all purchases for the previous year.

We hope you’ll join us at Sign up for early access.