The Low-Cost Tool That Could Save Your Life One Day

Cutting a seatbelt is easy. Many knives can do that. However, slicing through a strap that is pressed tightly against the body of an unconscious victim of an auto accident without cutting the victim in the process creates an entirely different set of circumstances. This is a common scenario for first responders and a nightmare scenario for every traveler. Whether you are in a car accident, or you witness a crash firsthand, having the ability to remove safety straps in short order could be the difference between life and death. Ontario Knife Company’s (OKC®) Jericho J-Hook Strap Cutter was created precisely for these emergency situations.

“First responders are a major part of the knife and tool industry; we’ve gotten to know many of them and have a world of respect for what they do,” said OKC President and CEO Kenneth Trbovich, “it’s an honor and privilege to have the chance to put superior tools in their hands.”

Designed with a very compact, easy-to-carry profile, the body of the Strap Cutter is built of injection-molded glass-filled nylon. This creates an extremely lightweight tool that is also very durable. The 6.5-inch tool features an ergonomic design that includes finger and thumb grooves for extreme grip, as well as a lanyard hole for securing the Strap Cutter to your pack or person. The slim design also means the J-Hook Strap Cutter easily slides into a vehicle’s center console in case the tool is needed for personal evacuation.

The shielded cutting edge is what makes this tool a standout. The titanium-coated blade is tucked into the blunt hook of the handle to promote victim safety during use. The ultra-sharp edge slices through straps with the slightest of pressure, allowing first responders to work quickly during rescue operations. The J-Hook is completely intuitive to use, giving you a chance to save your own life in the event of a car accident where you might otherwise be trapped by your seatbelt.

Because this tool can be the difference between life and death, Ontario Knife Company did not want price stand in the way of adding it to the glove compartment of your car or a first-responder’s tool belt. The Jericho J-Hook Strap Cutter has a retail price of $10.50 and is made in the USA.

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