New Grizzly LRH Premium Ammunition Adds Precision and Confidence to the Potent 7mm Rem Mag Cartridge

Rainier, Ore. – Hunters have known of the potency of the 7mm Remington Magnum caliber since its introduction in 1962. A belted magnum, the seven-mag as it has come to be known, continues to be a phenomenal long-range round when loaded with the right bullet. Grizzly Cartridge Co., well known for producing premium ammunition and bullets, takes things up a notch for seven-mag shooters with the new Grizzly LRH 7mm Rem Mag cartridge.

What sets Grizzly LRH ammunition apart from anything else on the market is the development and attention that only a small company can provide. While other companies may have teams of gunsmiths working on countless loads for countless numbers of calibers, Grizzly is focused on perfecting just a few. For hunters looking for the ultimate in long-range precision and kinetic energy retention with the seven-mag, look no further. Grizzly starts with custom powder blend that is precision matched to the seven-mag to provide the optimal velocity to push the bullet to its maximum potential. 

For the bullet, rigorous testing pushed the Speer Grand Slam Soft Point to the top. This bullet has a long, tapered nose for impeccable accuracy and the design allows for amazing penetration through thicker hides of the biggest game. Testing has shown amazing weight retention from these 160-grain bullets. Match that with the stunning 3250 fps muzzle velocity and you have an accurate and lethal combination for any big-game animal at any range.

If you’ve been looking for that edge to take your 7mm Rem Mag rifle to the next level of long-range hunting performance, you owe it to yourself to try the Grizzly LRH load in your seven-mag. Each round is carefully loaded in the USA and under the strictest guidelines. In making the ethical shot, accuracy counts and the Grizzly LRH is on target.

About Grizzly Cartridge Co.
In 2003 Grizzly Cartridge Company started with the idea from founder Mike Rintoul, that all engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions for every product would routinely undergo his personal inspection, maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. That same commitment goes into every product made and sold, including the Cast Performance bullets. The company is committed to providing shooters and hunters with innovative and quality products. The trained professionals offer you unparalleled support to ensure all of your adventures in the great outdoors will be enjoyable and successful.  

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