OTTOLOCK Introduces New HEXBAND Extra-Tough Cinch Lock

Portland, OR February 26, 2019 – OTTO DesignWorks, makers of the OTTOLOCK® Cinch Lock, announces the release of the new HEXBAND™ series, featuring added resistance to shearing tools such as snips and cable cutters. Getting through OTTOLOCK HEXBAND requires serious effort or powered devices, making it a stronger quick-stop lock for bicyclists and other users with higher security requirements.

HEXBAND is differentiated by using six stainless steel band layers (versus three in the original) while still being wrapped in an internal Dupont Kevlar® jacket. The form factor remains unchanged with a small weight addition of just 75 grams(30” version) making it easy to carry.

In development for more than a year, HEXBAND can be distinguished by its titanium-colored Cerakote® lock head and band. It’s available in 18”, 30”, and 60” lengths and priced at $65, $75, and $95 MSRP respectively. HEXBAND is ideal for quick stop bicycle lock-ups, back or top of vehicles, travel gear, tools, and more.


  • 30” version = 250g
  • 6 thicker stainless steel bands with Kevlar® layers
  • Increased cut resistance vs. original OTTOLOCK
  • MSRP $65 (18”), $75 (30”), $95 (60”)

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, OTTOLOCK is a lightweight, compact lock designed to protect against opportunistic theft of bicycles and outdoor gear. OTTO DesignWorks LLC was founded by bicycle lovers and product innovators with the mission of creating and delivering purposeful products for cycling and outdoor markets.

OTTO DesignWorks notes that all bike locks can be defeated by a motivated thief with proper tools, technique, and time. OTTOLOCK provides appropriate “quick stop” level defense against many forms of attack – not any and all tools. OTTO recommends redundant locking with a quality U-lock for high crime areas or long duration lock-ups.