Outdoor Channel Hosts of Popular Series – “The Best Defense” – Make Headlines in September in International Competition and Self-Defense Training

DENVER (September 24, 2018) —Mike Seeklander and Michael Janich, co-hosts of Outdoor Channel’s long-running, hit series The Best Defense have enjoyed the month of September with honors in international competition and self-defense training.

During the month, Seeklander won the International Defensive Pistol Association’s (IDPA) National Championship, besting 355 shooters from around the world at the CMP Range in Talladega, AL. The IDPA competition stages scenarios based on real world situations and feature moving and disappearing targets, complex movement and a laser-like focus on accuracy. The match is scored by time; any penalty adds time to the score.

After 18 stages over three days, Seeklander emerged as one of only three shooters to complete the match in under 300 seconds.

“Mike Seeklander is one of the few shooters in the world with experience in military, law enforcement and competition, as well as being one of the top trainers in the world,” Executive Producer and co-host of The Best Defense, Michael Bane said. “TBD is honored to have a national champion working with us each week.”

Also, co-host Michael Janich has distinguished himself this month. Acknowledged as one of the top American Masters of the Blade, Janich hosted the 16th Annual Martial Blade Camp, with more than 100 participants. The unique event – and largest ever – brings students from all over the world to Colorado to train in knife and other self-defense concepts.

Janich’s 35-year career in self-defense and martial arts training has earned him a place in the prestigious Black Belt Hall of Fame as the 2010 Weapons Instructor of the Year. He has worked extensively in law enforcement and military training, including tours with the National Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“What Michael Janich brings to TBD is an uncanny ability to boil complex concepts into teachable moments,” Bane added. “No other self-defense program can bring this level of expertise to the table.”

Each week, The Best Defense creates a crime scenario and then “deconstructs” the storyline to highlight and educate viewers about life-saving information.

Produced by award-winning producer, writer and director Jeff Murray with award-winning documentarian Brandon Green as Director of Photography, currently TBD is filming it’s 11th season. In addition to Seeklander and Janich, Andrew Branca, considered the leading legal expert on civilian use-of-force issues, consults on every episode. TBD routinely brings in additional top subject matter experts on specific self-defense issues. The show has received numerous awards for broadcast excellence.

More importantly, TBD has had viewers credit information from the show with saving their lives.

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