Outdoor Solutions Announces Spring 2019 Long Range Shooting Schools

TULSA, Okla. (August 23, 2018) – Outdoor Solutions has announced their 2019 Long Range Schools. The two sessions, March 18-21 and March 21-24, prepare hunters for ethical hunting practices and enhance abilities of long-range target shooters. Participants should register now to secure their place at these very popular schools.

Western big game hunters and prairie dog shoots are just two examples of shooting situations that can easily exceed 150 yards. In fact, a 400-yard shot in some cases are in order. If not properly trained, these long-range shots can be a major and costly disappointment.

Long range shooting has become one of America’s fastest growing shooting sports. Hitting a target at 1,000 yards is very challenging and satisfying. The long-range classes reconfirm shooting basics and teach the fundamentals of proper shooting techniques at extended distances in various shooting positions.

Outdoor Solutions offers the very best classes, conducted by professional, well-trained and highly experienced trainers. The school allows students to use factory-provided rifles and ammunition or bring their own firearms.

Priced at $2300 (double occupancy), the package includes three nights lodging, all home-cooked meals and drinks, and two full days on the range with instructors in a small sized class. Students will experience hunting scenarios and target shooting up to 1000 yards. Located just 45 minutes north of Abilene in west central Texas, the schools give each shooter the knowledge and confidence needed for that next long-range shooting outing.

For more information visit www.outdoorsolutionscorp.com or call (918) 258-7817.