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Jacketed Hollow-Point Load Brings Consistently Outstanding Performance to Your Pistol

Rainier, Ore. – Grizzly Cartridge Co. has poured decades of experience and knowledge of ammunition design into its load for the .45 auto. The 185-grain jacketed hollow-point load is sure to be a favorite with shooters.

“When I set out to develop a load for the .45 Auto, I knew the powder blends we created could breathe a new life into a classic cartridge,” said Mike Rintoul, Grizzly Cartridge Co. founder. “And knowing how demanding .45 shooters are, I wasn’t about to release it until I was absolutely sure of the performance gains it achieves. I’m pretty pleased with its performance and you will be too.”

In 1904, John Browning developed a new round, the .45 Auto, to match a new pistol he was developing with Colt. The plan was to create a new sidearm for the military. The round and pistol were both adopted as the M1911, and the .45 auto was an instant success. Although the 1911 was eventually phased out in the 1980s in favor of the Beretta 92 in 9mm, the .45 auto has remained a solid favorite with civilian shooters and select branches of the military and law enforcement. The .45 auto is well known today for packing a serious punch, even with the round’s slower speed. The Grizzly’s 185-grain JHP is on the smaller side of most .45 auto loads weight-wise, but it still packs a serious punch and is perfect for your shooting needs. Your .45 will like it as much as you do.

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About Grizzly Cartridge Co.In 2003 Grizzly Cartridge Company started with the idea from founder Mike Rintoul, that all engineering, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance and service functions for every product would routinely undergo his personal inspection, maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. That same commitment goes into every product made and sold, including the Cast Performance bullets. The company is committed to providing shooters and hunters with innovative and quality products. The trained professionals offer you unparalleled support to ensure all of your adventures in the great outdoors will be enjoyable and successful.  For more information visit

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