Paige Pearce & Tim Gillingham Podium Again!

June 25, 2019: It was a big weekend for Team Bowtech! Paige Pearce gained redemption with the Reckoning at the 2019 SoCal Showdown, and Tim Gillingham (aka “The Hammer”) took First Place at the ASA in London, KY.

Paige Pearce summed up her performance by saying:
“Going into SoCal this weekend I had one goal… to get redemption for last weekend’s performance. My scores improved in every match and I was able to shoot an awesome score in the gold medal match in some pretty crazy wind!”

After Tim’s first place win, he said:
“Thanks for all the gifts that God has granted me with! Here’s to the best equipment money can buy! The rest is on you.”

Congratulations to both of our incredible shooters! 

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