Embracing responsibility should not and cannot be used as a whip against PHASA.  It takes courage and wisdom to challenge problems head on and PHASA should be applauded for their leadership and hard work towards the hunting fraternity.

PHASA took the responsibility (and thereby obligation to the Minister, Edna Molewa’s order) to find best practice management solutions to the controversial ranched lion issue.

The personal and cowardly attack to discredit the character, reputation and integratory of Dries van Coller is condemned in the strongest terms by PHASA.

PHASA, under the leadership of Dries, has not shied away from challenges but rather opted to find meaningful and sustainable solutions for all citizens.  The attack by Tempelhoff is not just a personal matter against Dries, but an attack on the hunting industry in general.

The Animal Right Associations (ARA) need to have some form of program in order to raise money, and the ranched lions are one of those programs where they receive easy money. Money that surely do not reach any serious conservation efforts!!

PHASA has and will always be a members’ organization and will always support sustainable legal hunting of the highest standard.

PHASA has the support of the major International hunting organizations. DSC and SCI has never abandoned PHASA and although differences in some policies PHASA, DSC and SCI are in close collaboration with each other. PHASA members are still the most represented exhibitors at the DSC and SCI conventions. PHASA are also supported by the directors of TBCSA. PHASA have the support of like-minded sustainable use coalitions which includes CHASA, NHSA and SA Wingshooters to name but a few. These coalitions members add up to more than 80 000 people supporting PHASA.

PHASA has an immeasurable role to fulfill in the hunting, wildlife and conservation sectors of our country’s economy, which we cannot do without.  It would be irresponsible to exclude PHASA, or any other relevant stakeholders in this regard.

PHASA thanks all stakeholders, hunting associations, TBCSA and members for their continued support. Again PHASA states that canned hunting is an illegal activity prohibited by the Threatened and Protected Species Act and that PHASA only support legal, sustainable and responsible hunting.

PHASA will always be there to support the hunting industry.