Plano A-Series 2.0 Tackle Bag: A Classy Way to Store Tackle

Plano A-Series 2.0 Tackle Bag: A Classy Way to Store Tackle

Plano, IL (July 31, 2018) – The new Plano A-Series 2.0 Tackle Bag will turn heads when you show up with it at your next fishing destination. These classic-style bags are as functional as they are good looking.

The A-Series 2.0 Tackle Bag holds four 3650 Stowaway® boxes, making it ideal for a day on your favorite stream, or paddling to a secret fishing location. The four Stowaway® boxes act as separate storage devices to take the basics or hand-picked tackle for a day of adventure on the water.

The main compartment is easily accessed with an adjustable metal snap closure that also secures your precious cargo. The top compartment of the bag is expandable, allowing extra capacity for raingear, other soft-side tackle bags, and a quick shore lunch. Side and front compartments allow you to pack the essential gear you’ll need when you land a fish and keep your tools contained but at your fingertips with oversized, molded zippers. The bag also sports a large exterior mesh pocket with MOLLE webbing.

Soft corners make the bag easy to carry. A padded shoulder strap means you can keep your tackle at your side while wading or hiking into your favorite spot. The strap is removable, adding more options to how you can use or stow your tackle bag, while the 1.5-inch heavy-duty molded hardware addition improves bag ergonomics while dramatically improving strength.

The Plano A-Series offers anglers complete storage solutions and are designed for the serious angler. The A-Series includes classically-styled bags in a backpack, duffel, and three tackle bag options. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything missing. Discerning anglers will notice the improved fit and finish of the A-Series with upgraded zippers, pocket configurations, and soft-touch points.

Product Features:

A-Series 2.0 Tackle Bag, Model No. PLABA601

MSRP $59.99

  • Zipperless main compartment with adjustable metal snap closure
  • Large exterior mesh pocket MOLLE webbing
  • Oversized molded zippers for durability & ease of use
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Includes (4) 3650 Stowaway┬« boxes

Classic, sporty looking tackle bags add a touch of nostalgia to any fishing adventure. Besides being rugged handsome, the 2.0 Tackle Bag is your lifeline to changing conditions and keeps your custom-packed tackle at your fingertips.

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