Plano Comfort and Tackle Containment: E-Series Tackle Backpack

Plano Comfort and Tackle Containment: E-Series Tackle Backpack

Plano, IL (June 15, 2018) – Big clunky tackle boxes are passé. If you aren’t keeping up with modern technologies in fishing tackle storage and transportation, you likely still have a flip phone, or even worse a Myspace page.

Putting modern and convenient tackle solutions into perspective is easy when you look at the new Plano E-Series Tackle Backpacks. These packs are fashionable and while they may likely help you blend in with a crowd of hikers, students, or commuters, the engineers at Plano also understand the benefits of strength and comfort when carrying things on your back. On-the-go anglers will appreciate that these packs will help organize and hold everything from sunglasses and refreshments, to all of their tackle.

The E-Series Backpacks are designed and constructed for the challenging conditions anglers will face. The exterior of the pack is durable and will stand up to scrapes, abrasions, and daily use, while providing protection with water resistance.

You’ll never get beat by the heat, with a hydration pouch with port, and side mesh pockets to store water bottles or extras. There is even a felt-lined pouch for your sunglasses.

The real magic is inside the bag, where adjustable dividers separate stowaways from an area for bulk tackle and larger items So essential gear is always easy to locate. A full-length zipper makes for easy access, even if you are on the go. Internal mesh pockets include a zipper to hold special items that can be found in seconds.

Tackle can be heavy and cause strain when carrying over a longer distance. The backpack allows you to distribute weight across your shoulders and use the muscles of your upper body to carry the load, instead of one arm. The carry straps have an air mesh to prevent overheating, and a matching back cushion keeps the pack comfortable for extended use.

Plano really does think of everything, including a brightly colored interior to improve visibility in any light conditions. Having your tackle is always important but being organized and able to find exactly what you want at a given moment can be the difference between a trophy fish and a lost opportunity.

Product Features:

E-Series 3600, Model No. PLABE611 Tackle Backpack, PLABE631 Tackle Backpack-Red, BLABE621 Tackle Backpack-Traditional

MSRP $59.99

  • Full-Length zipper for easy access to stowaways
  • Adjustable divider separates stowaways from bulk storage
  • Zippered Internal mesh pocket
  • Felt-lined sunglasses pouch
  • Durable, water-resistant exterior
  • Hydration pouch with port
  • Side mesh pockets (extra storage and/or water bottle)
  • Bright interior that improves visibility in low light
  • Air mesh straps & back cushion

Tackle and gear storage can be challenging for an angler on the move, but Plano continues to prove you don’t have to leave any of your favorites at home when you can throw them on your back.

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