Plano Fishing Congratulations Kevin VanDam

Plano Fishing Congratulations Kevin VanDam

Plano, Ill. (Oct. 25, 2018) – Baseball has Cooperstown, football has Canton, for the men who dedicate their lives chasing bucket mouths, glory resides in Springfield.

“It’s a great honor, I didn’t realize what it really meant, I never competed for trophies or records. I did it because of the love I have for the sport of fishing, and being inducted made me look back and realize what all I had done and what all I have accomplished,” said Kevin VanDam.

The seven-time angler of the year, four-time Bassmaster classic winner has landed another personal best, a 2018 induction to the B.A.S.S. hall of fame. Kevin is one of the most recognized anglers in bass fishing. He is a true champion and an angler who has shown he is adaptable and cool under pressure.

Plano, one of Kevin’s oldest partners and long supporting sponsors, would like to congratulate Kevin VanDam on his induction, career, and twenty-plus year relationship with the company.

“He represents our brand very well and people always look to what Kevin uses as a great place to start when buying gear or a way to make themselves a better angler,” Said Chris Russell, marketing manager, Plano. In addition to that, Kevin is a valuable asset in product design and keeping in touch with fishing trends. “He is always looking for a competitive edge so he keeps us on our toes by pushing for better products with added features or innovation,” said Russell.

Kevin wants his gear to perform and enjoys working with manufacturers like Plano. “I’ve been with Plano for a long time, I love all their options for tackle storage, no one has more. They are a top brand and it is important for me to associate with the top brands in fishing,” Kevin said. “He helps us apply his knowledge and experience to products and then adapt it to so any angler can take advantage of the improvements,” said Russell.

We consider Kevin a member of our team and a part of the Plano family. Kevin is a great guy to be around and a person that a 65-year-old company like Plano is proud to have representing us.

Congratulations Kevin VanDam on your induction to the B.A.S.S. Hall of Fame!

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