Plano Rustrictor™ Stowaway Passes With Flying Colors

TSFM Puts Rustrictor™ Effectiveness to the Test

Grand Prairie, TX (October 29, 2019) If you want to test fishing tackle or products to see how good they really are, do it in a saltwater environment. Nothing tests gear more than saltwater. That’s what the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine did with Plano’s new Rustrictor Stowaway, and it passed with flying colors.

Saltwater anglers are acutely aware of how important it is to wash, rinse, clean and dry everything after a day of fishing. Too often, though, we procrastinate or neglect our lures. What we’re faced with the next time we go fishing is not pretty.

That’s where Plano’s Rustrictor Stowaway comes in. It’s not a replacement for a thorough scrubbing, but you’re not going to have a bunch of rusted hooks and junk lures if you don’t.

Plano’s claim is “Plano’s innovative Rustrictor Series brings unbeatable rust-proof protection to the Stowaway line. Designed in partnership with industry leader Armor Protective Packaging, Rustrictor Stows surround tackle with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion inhibitor (VCI). These tackle boxes fight back at rust and corrosion 5x longer* than the competition. *Per Accelerated Lab Testing. Texas Sport Fishing Magazine set out to see if the claim was true. 

TSFM designed an experiment using Plano’s Rustrictor Stowaway and plain, non-Rustrictor tackle storage boxes. Each box received an identical set of lures. Twice a week for three weeks, the boxes with the lures inside were filled with salt water. The lids were snapped shut and the lures were allowed to soak for 24 hours. After, the water was poured out, but no attempt was made to wipe away the water or clean the lures. The boxes were then closed and set on a shelf in the garage. 

According to TSFM, the results were remarkable. The lures in the Rustrictor box remain virtually rust-free while the lures in the non-Rustrictor box showed signs of rust and corrosion. TSFM was quick to point out the rust was not the fault of the lures, but instead pointed to proof that purposeful neglect demonstrated the effectiveness of the Rustrictor Stowaway.

TSFM said, “While not trying to sell anybody on the idea that the Rustrictor boxes are a cure-all for eliminating rust on fishing lures stored for long periods of time without proper maintenance, we were nonetheless impressed with the result of the experiment.” 

“The bottom line is that Rustrictor lived up to it claims, which is good to know if you sometimes forget or procrastinate taking care of your tackle.” 

Developed with Armor Protective Packaging, an industry leader in corrosion management since 1979, Plano’s Rustrictor uses the worlds best Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor.

Rustrictor begins working the moment the box closes. Once closed, the box fills up the stowaway interior with VCI vapor. VCI ions attract to metals creating a wall of protection that is only a few molecules thick and stops rust before it can start. Rustrictor always protects and never leaves a film, residue or odor on the surface of tackle. Gone are the days of a spray-in solution that lets fish know something’s amiss. With the protection built right into the Stowaway box there is no maintenance, no worry about having the dividers in place and more wasted money on rusted and damaged tackle.

The Rustrictor Stowaways are available in seven of the best selling models from 3500 to 3700 sizes, making them perfect for handling and protecting all terminal tackle and hard bait needs.

Product Features:

  • Blocks Rust 5x longer
  • Entire box infused with VCI rust prevention
  • Works without dividers
  • 360 degrees of protection
  • Easy to identify Ferrari red latches
  • 7 popular sizes including Terminal storage
  • Offers non-stop protection the minute the box is closed

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