Plano: Tackle Solutions, Evolved

Plano: Tackle Solutions, Evolved

Plano, Ill. (Feb 4, 2019) – More than 65 years of industry-leading design and innovation has kept Plano at the forefront of tackle storage and management solutions. Catering to anglers of all skill levels has lead to products that are constantly changing and evolving to benefit an angler’s needs.

Original stowaways gave angler’s versatile tackle storage and management options, making them an industry standard. That same industry standard is now available with more thought and added protection.

Plano’s patented Dri-Loc O-ring and three tight sealing cam-action latches, work together to keep your favorite bait and tackle dry and corrosion free. The Waterproof Stowaways are the toughest, most rugged tackle boxes available.

Made in America, the Waterproof Stowaways come in six sizes. Each box has its own layout with adjustable compartments, allowing anglers to create stowaways that are custom tailored to an angler’s needs. The smallest of the Waterproof Stowaway options offers a single compartment that is perfect for cell phones keys and other small valuables.

Product Features:

  • Model 3440 offers a single compartment and is perfect for phones and other small valuables.
  • Model 3540 features 3-17 adjustable compartments.
  • Model 3640 features 5-18 adjustable compartments.
  • Model 3740 includes extra long bulk storage and features 4-23 adjustable compartments.
  • Model 3741 is great for large items and features 1-3 adjustable compartments.
  • Model 3743 has 4-15 adjustable compartments. Great for large crankbaits.

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PLANO FISHING IS PROUD TO BE THE GO-TO FOR OUTDOOR STORAGE SOLUTIONS WITH MORE THAN 65 YEARS OF HISTORY TO BACK IT UP. Since 1952, when Warren “Pete” Henning returned from a Florida fishing trip with the desire to improve the tackle box, Plano has become the standard in modern tackle boxes and storage solutions. Over the next 65 years, the Plano brand has found its way into the hearts and hands of four generations. Today, there’s a four in five chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano. There are many reasons consumers faithfully choose Plano, including quality, durability and innovation, but our favorite is, “It’s what my dad always used.” We take care of you by taking care of your gear. Thank you for trusting us to PROTECT YOUR PASSION.

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