Plano’s B-Series Brings its A-Game

Plano’s B-Series Brings its A-Game

Plano, Ill. (Mar. 29, 2019) – The all-new Plano B-Series Tackle Bag keeps anglers on their A-game. Loaded with upgraded parts and materials, the B-Series is the tackle bag designed for the modern angler.

Constructed from a durable ripstop fabric, the B-Series is built tough. Large pockets on either side of the bag allow for easy access to favorite accessories. The large pockets are also capable of storing multiple spools of line with ease. A mesh netting on the back of the bag makes a great place to store charts, fishing licenses, or a couple of bags of soft plastics.

Engineered to hold three 3700 StowAway boxes, the B-Series Tackle Bag’s large main cavity can be configured to suit any angler’s needs. Substitute a StowAway for a bait binder and find no loss of storage space. The large main compartment makes changing out favorite boxes and baits a snap-making the B-Series Tackle Bag the perfect bag for anglers who often switch between salt and freshwater.

Access to the central cavity is found through two heavy-duty buckles that secure the lid to the bag. Once the top of the bag is open, anglers can access the main cavity as well as the large front zippered pocket. Oversized D-ring pulls are attached to every zipper, giving anglers leverage for quick access to accessories, and a 3600 StowAway stored in the front pocket of the tackle bag.  

The B-Series Tackle Bag is complete with Plano’s new proprietary shoulder strap clip system. Boasting 3x the strength of an old plastic D-ring from past bags, the new system is easy to install and remove, keeping things nice, neat, and out of the way.

The B-Series Tackle Bag is complete with a waterproof base, giving anglers peace of mind. Its solid construction grabs ahold of boat decks and will not let go. The waterproof base covers the sides and bottom providing over two inches of waterproofing all the way around, ensuring water in the bottom of the boat does not seep into the bag. Overall, the B-Series makes for a great dock companion.

Product Features:

  • Impact-resistant waterproof base
  • Upgraded heavy-duty hardware
  • Fishing-specific camo with yellow accents
  • Five exterior pockets
  • Deep open interior
  • Dual buckle/zipper closure system
  • Durable ripstop fabric panels
  • Padded removable shoulder strap
  • Includes 3 3700 StowAway
  • Includes 1 3600 StowAway
  • Mossy Oak Elements Manta
  • #024099009430 B-Series 3600 Mossy Oak Manta BLABB3601 $59.99
  • #024099008655 B-Series 3700 Mossy Oak Manta BLABB3701 $49.99

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