Pocket Shot, the Slingshot on Steroids, releases new Mossy Oak Camo Edition

ATLANTA – July 26, 2018 – Pocket Shot, the world’s first and only circular slingshot, announced the release of the Pocket Shot Mossy Oak Camouflage edition. The Pocket Shot is the evolution of the slingshot; and now it’s even better yet with the iconic Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camo treatment.

The Pocket Shot’s patented, circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters, campers and recreational use, its small size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment. The Pocket Shot shoots projectiles up to 350 feet per second; recommended ammo includes 1/4-inch to 5/16-inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs (0.4 cal) and Airsoft pellets.

The Pocket Shot’s circular design is patented under the U.S. patent office. The high-impact inner ring is indestructible, and is guaranteed not to chip, crack or break during normal use. The outer ring and cap are strong and durable to handle the harshest outdoor conditions.

For archery enthusiasts, Pocket Shot offers an optional whisker biscuit cap for shooting arrows. Simply screw on the whisker biscuit cap, load an arrow and fire. Pocket Shot recommends using light arrows that are 22-26 inches in length. The Pocket Shot can shoot arrows up to 150 FPS. The Whisker Biscuit is available in two colors: orange ($25) and black ($26).

The Pocket Shot is designed and made in the USA. A set includes one pro pouch in Original Bottomland Camo. It retails for $25 at www.thepocketshot.com.