POMA Announces New Insight Sessions

Johnstown, PA – September 17, 2020: The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) is proud to announce that we’re bringing educational sessions right to our members’ desktops with the introduction of POMA Insight Sessions – a year-round way to keep on top of the latest tips, tactics and strategies to excel business, leadership, sales and more. Information on the first two sessions is below.

If you have attended a POMA conference, you’ve most likely participated in a Breakout Session. In our sessions, you learn from expert keynote speakers, industry executives, marketing specialists, branding experts, and much more. The biggest problem with these sessions is that they are only during the annual conference.

POMA’s Insight Sessions will be free to POMA members and only $49 per session for Non-Members. The sessions will be recorded and accessible on the POMA member website, making them available to members at any time.

If you are a Non-Member and you would like to sign up for both September’s and October’s sessions, you can save money with our limited time offer of $69 for both.

We have more Insight Sessions in the works, and details will be announced as they’re finalized.

September 23, 2020 – Six Essentials Needed To Succeed In The 21st Century – Dave Oakes

Sponsored By Toyota

Inspirational and expert speaker, Dave Oakes, will share six essential skills that focus on six challenges that never change. Attendees will walk away with critical tools to help them cope with change, manage the stress that comes with that change, build self-esteem, and manage time while juggling multiple projects effectively. Additionally, he’ll share the importance of good communication and the power of having a focused plan to help ensure success both now and in the future.

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October 26, 2020 – How Has 2020 Changed Your Value? – Matt Addington of Matt Addington Photography

You might not like to think that 2020 has changed your business structure – and therefore, your business value – but it certainly has changed how you approach new business and existing business. The question is – how are you adapting to that change in value? Are you still railing against it? Or have you adjusted your terms, your offerings, and yes, your pricing structure? Matt Addington of Matt Addington Photography knows how fast business can fluctuate. He began 2020 with a full plate of jobs only to see much of it float away by March. However, that hasn’t stopped him from leaning on existing business, picking up the phone to the network, and adjusting his pitches when people say, “so how much?” This fall, he is back to being busier than ever – but that was only through taking a stern look at himself, his business, and what clients he wants to attract.

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