Pope and Young Introduces the “P&Y Adventure Race” Presented By Train To Hunt At The 2018 Bowhunters Rendezvous

Chatfield, MN – The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce the addition of the P&Y Adventure Race during the 2018 Bowhunters Rendezvous June 8th – 10th at the MacKenzie Center in Poynette, Wisconsin. The Adventure Race, sponsored by HHA Sports and KUIU, will be held Friday, June 8th immediately following the race meeting at 5:00 pm. Check-in for the race will be from 4:00 until 4:30 pm. To register, download the registration form from the P&Y website and email form to bowhuntersrendezvous@pope-young.org.

The first P&Y Adventure Race will be a combination of running, shooting and some unexpected twists. This 2.5 + mile race is a great way to experience a little taste of what the Train To Hunt Challenge has to offer. Your age, fitness level and preference of bow does not matter. Your passion for the outdoors and bowhunting is all that matters. Make plans to join us for a little physical activity and a whole lot of fun. Bring your pack pre-weighted (Men 30 lb. and Women 15 lb.)

Early registration Fee is $20 with separate divisions for men and women. Registrants can pay with a credit card on the registration form or pay on-site. Those who register before May 11th will receive a custom P&Y Adventure Race T-shirt. Registration on the day of the race will increase to $25, so be sure to register early. All participants will receive a registration pack containing goodies, tickets for the novelty shoots and bucket raffle tickets. Prizes will be awarded to the top finisher for both men’s and women’s divisions. There will be a traditional and compound shot opportunity at each station, the distance will not be posted but rangefinders are welcome. All participants will be entered into a drawing for great prizes and no one will leave empty-handed.

The P&Y Adventure Race, Presented by Train to Hunt, is a competition where participants blend physical fitness together with bowhunting skills. The race follows the Train To Hunt model designed to give bowhunters a reason to train and to give them a testing ground for their training program. This race is unlike any event you have ever participated in, and is sure to help you prepare for your ultimate goal… bowhunting season.

The Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of bowhunting by striving to increase awareness and appreciation of bowhunting foundations, principles and values. The Pope and Young Club is focused on Fair Chase hunting ethics that support the ethical pursuit of free ranging, wild game animals without unfair advantage while promoting the conservation of both habitat and wildlife. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository of records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with a bow and arrow.

Contact the Pope & Young Club office at:
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